Seed to Sale

Plan Plan

Every season, Bonipak’s management team develops a production plan, beginning with projected customer needs and product specifications. Experience and knowledge of local microclimates and soil attributes enable our production team to assign the perfect growing area for each crop.

Seed Seed

Bonipak has developed and maintained strong relationships with the top vegetable seed producers and breeders in the world. Only the highest quality seeds make it through our extensive R&D Process to be placed into production.

We select the proper varieties based on soil conditions, climate and time of year. A portion of the seeds are nurtured into seedlings and transplanted to our prepared fields.

Plant Plant

Combining more than 85 years of farming experience with the latest technologies and techniques enables Bonipak to meet the expanding needs of customers. The willingness to incorporate these advances with sustainable agricultural practices places Bonipak at the forefront of our industry.

GPS technology, drip irrigation and a fully equipped laboratory allow for the most efficient and effective application of fertilizers. Through the growth of our organic crop production we have learned how to maximize and preserve our resources naturally.

Harvest Harvest

Bonipak’s harvesting crews and quality assurance supervisors continually and carefully monitor our produce to meet our high-quality standards.

We pride ourselves in packing to the highest specifications and giving our customers the quality they expect and consumers enjoy. All crews go through continuous, stringent training and testing to ensure worker and food safety.

Cool Cool

Bonipak’s technologically advanced cooling facility is located within minutes of our growing operations in Santa Maria. The proximity to our operations enhances our ability to quickly cool our produce and extend the freshness of each carton. This is a Bonipak advantage that gives our customers the quality they depend on.

Process Process

In addition to providing a variety of whole-head carton products, Bonipak operates a processing plant in Santa Maria. We offer a variety of processed vegetables grown in our fields and quickly cooled to optimize freshness.

By capitalizing on efficient logistics and the dependability of our own farming operations, Bonipak can assure its customers quality, consistency and freshness in every order.

Ship Ship

Bonipak’s 200,000-square-foot shipping facility maintains the optimum environment for each commodity. Keeping the cold chain intact is critical for the quality of the product. Our truck appointment schedule reduces delays by quickly and efficiently loading trucks. This process enables us to speed up the delivery to each destination.

Sale Sale

Bonipak products are sold to retailers, wholesalers and food service customers throughout the United States and the world.

We are pleased to have worked directly with our customers to plan, grow, harvest, cool, process and deliver the highest quality produce for more than 85 years. All of us at Bonipak look forward to many more years of complete customer satisfaction.

We’re Your Produce Partner