Bonipaks Celery Hearts

Organic Celery Hearts

When purchasing Bonipak’s Celery, expect crisp, tightly packed green stalks that provide a delicious crunch with every bite. Our Celery is perfect for snacks such as ants on a Log or more elaborate creations such as turkey’s stuffing.


Bonipak’s Celery is produced year-round. Growing locations are Santa Maria, California, May through December, and Oxnard, California, as well as Yuma, Arizona, January through April.

Vitamin KVitamin CB6PotassiumFolate


Bonipak’s Organics

All organic commodities grown by Bonipak are California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) certified. By using technics such as integrated pest management, i.e. using beneficial insect populations to counter invasive populations, Bonipak is able to provide only the healthiest organics to our customers. All products labeled Organic are grown on Bonipak fields that for three years have not grown conventional products to ensure premium quality organics.

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