Job Description


Job Title: Supply Chain Manager

Reports To: Cooler and Farm Operations Management

Classification:  Exempt


Job Summary:

The Supply Chain Manager will develop and monitor the enterprise supply chain strategy. The goal is to improve productivity and efficiency and reduce costs while securing high quality goods for the enterprise.

The Supply Chain Manager will keep track of logistics and update the company’s inventory. Additionally they will analyze operational performance and resolve issues. They will also collaborate with vendors and suppliers to ensure all operations (e.g. shipping, delivery) meet quality and safety standards.


Job Responsibilities:

  • Create the company’s supply chain strategy
  • Analyze data from shipping and delivering processes to find bottlenecks and other issues
  • Evaluate and report on KPIs
  • Maintain supply chain inventory and records
  • Find cost-effective solutions for supply chain processes
  • Resolve issues that come up (e.g. delays in delivery, accidents)
  • Collaborate with other departments to create coordinated plans for business growth
  • Develop and implement safety guidelines in all aspects of the supply chain (e.g. use of trucks, forklifts)
  • Ensure supply chain processes meet legal requirements and standards
  • Communicate and negotiate with suppliers and vendors to secure more profitable deals
  • Manage existing Purchasing Dept. personnel



  • Degree in Supply Chain Management, Logistics, or similar field
  • Previous experience 5-10 years plus as a supply chain manager or in a similar field
  • Excellent knowledge of supply chain processes
  • Strong working knowledge with Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
  • Strong leadership, communication and collaboration skills
  • Excellent organizational and project management skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Creative problem-solving
  • A strategic and analytical mind


Desired Skills:

  • Agriculture/Farm or Manufacturing experience
  • Bilingual in Spanish


Physical Requirements:

The essential physical requirements for this position are:

  • Employee must have the ability to walk, talk, hear, see, speak, concentrate, reach in all directions, stoop, bend, lift up to 60lbs.
  • Use a computer, telephone and other equipment needed for the position
  • Possess the ability to reason and communicate clearly with or without reasonable accommodations