Bonita Packing Company
Job Description

Job Title: IT Specialist
Location: Santa Maria, CA

About our Company and Department:

Bonipak grows, harvests, cools, processes and ships millions of cartons of fresh vegetables to retailers, wholesalers and food service customers all over the world. What sets our company apart is our seed to sales approach. We control the entire process, ensuring consistent high quality produce year-round. We are proud of the relationships we have fostered with our customers over the past 75 years. We are a family oriented company and our culture focuses on helping us achieve excellence through our company values.
We have a relatively small IT team with a big foot print on company operations and are well regarded throughout the company. We have a very good work/life balance, excellent benefits, and working with a wide range of technologies and infrastructure will provide lots challenge and fun. If you have high integrity, craftsmanship in mind and proper motivation you will fit right in and we are looking forward for you to join our team.

What we need and what you will be doing

We are looking for an entry level IT specialist who is sharp and eager to learn and a good team player. Some hands-on experience with Windows Active Directory, Windows Server architecture and Network management would be a plus but not required.
You will be responsible for supporting and maintaining the entire IT ecosystem which includes but is not limited to servers, workstation computers, network equipment including short and long range Wi-Fi systems, IT Help Desk Ticketing system, ordering IT equipment and vendor management, cellular phones, barcode printers, handheld devices, system backups, enterprise software and our ERP software.
This is an excellent opportunity to learn the entire IT workspace quickly on a fast pace IT team with lots of moving parts and mentorship and to hold long-term position with the company. The successful candidate after properly trained will serve two primary functions within the company. First; the IT Specialist will actively work in our IT department on any security, support and maintenance issues that might come up and advise about potential fixes, improvements or efficiency controls and second, he or she must coordinate between the company and external vendors and contractors about IT-related purchasing, infrastructure and development.
We’re looking for a highly motivated, responsive, highly productive professional who can work with numerous internal employees and vendors to ensure continued success through corporate projects. Therefore, a commitment to collaborative problem solving, following and enforcing existing policies and conventions, and quality of work is key for success at this position.

Key Responsibilities

  • Enforce IT procedures to increase efficiency, enhance workflow and improve customer satisfaction
  • Heavily work on IT Help desk system
  • Assist with the installation of new hardware and software and help train employees on its use
  • Coordinate the needs of in-house IT experts and remote employees, vendors and contractors
  • Offer suggestions for possible upgrades and changes within the IT department